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12-03-2012, 03:37 PM
Originally Posted by decker03 View Post
No, but I'm seriously starting to hope you are the only one who believes in the existence of such a silliness. Global cooldowns affected by where they are placed on BOFFs, that's just too funny.

Please go on and call me Janeway if you like Remember when I said I'm flying sci ships? I'm ok with being Janeway.

Oh edit before the night. I know this won't convince you in your little world, but for everyone else who is interested an excerpt from the patch notes that introduced shared and global cooldowns back with Season 1.2.
Seriously, how does someone not know that the lower cooldown is a global cooldown.

It does not mater what Boff you put the two same powers on, the cooldowns will be the same regardless.

The only way you can affect the cooldowns is by either Doffs, Photonic Officer Boff power or the Tac Captain skill, Tactical Initiative.....