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Points to consider:
1. Does not benefit from abilties like CRF, BO and FAW
2. No consoles for it
3. Omega Weapon Proc (about every 2 volleys in a DHC escort (with 2 turrets and one kinetic beam), must be paired with borg console) also I am guessing resistance means less drain on weapon power for the duration
4. Is still firing in the firing cycle after the one in which it was "fired" so may drain the DHC (or whatever) in the next firing cycle.
5. Since its kinetic damage should not be affected by Starship Energy weapons skill (and related) and I doubt it is affected by projectile weapon skill (and related) since that does not affect all kinetic damage (as far as I know).

Does the resistance + extra weapon power overcome (or even exceed) all of the above caveats?

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