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Originally Posted by ipwn3gs View Post
The only thing KDF has over the Feds is the cloak, period. That damage boost is a one time deal unless you're a bop. Birds are also super fragile, which is why they have to abuse the battle cloak. I have no idea what type of ship you're playing or what your build is, but if you can't take down a lone bop, you suck at this game (not trying to be overly offensive). They balanced the two factions out considerably from beta and season one. IMO, Feds are still a little ahead of us in combat capabilities.
And yet they still complain about the Defiant not having a battle cloak when it is the most powerful escort in terms of sheer destructive power.

I had this one guy in a Wells Time ship call every BOP pilot that killed him in a decloaking alpha strike or failed to kill him and run away cowards.

It isn't my fault that he made himself an easy target by not having the foresight to run Tac Team and other defenses to blunt my assault.

The truth is, the KDF isn't overpowered. Sure most of us had to do PVP in order to level up our toons due to lack of PVE content. That gives many of us more PVP experience than the average Fed player.

The reason why the average Fed players believe us to be overpowered is because the PVE content didn't prepare them for the horrors of fighting a thinking opponent that isn't afraid to turn them to space dust for one little missed buff.