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08-10-2009, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by Warrior4Hire View Post
Ooooo, very nice... Though now the question is begged, what are Borg doing in a Klingon hallway? >D

With knows.

I'm interested in what that pistol could be.. Possibly a result of the Daystrom Institute and Seven? : DD
Daystrom Institute and our Dearly beloved 7of9 could deinetly come up with something like ofcourse Seven could doit by her super hot self too. In the Star Trek Voyager game Elite Force she creates an anti-Borg weapon called an Infinity Phase-Modulator which changes frequency every time the user fires it making it impossible for the Borg to adapt which is totally awesome.

Originally Posted by trebort5050 View Post
You know... that avatar looks like Legolas. But with some spikes on his head.

Elf ears.

Blonde hair.

You're right it does look like Legolas too bad his back is turned to us.

Originally Posted by Midpoint View Post
Graphics look good, is that some form of distortion I see coming from the phaser fire?
A bug that hasn't been worked out maybe? The seen could be a holodeck program to test the weapon before using it in the field.