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Originally Posted by grouchyotaku View Post
If the problem was on Cryptic's end, then how do you explain why thousand of users can play STO without issue...

I take it you haven't read this on-going thread in the PWE Support Forums...
Because some people still haven't gotten the concept that the Internet consists of more than just their computer and the STO servers.

Nettest on the above clearly shows some port throttling or something restricting your bandwidth thoroughput--what you're getting is a tenth or so of what you SHOULD be getting for STO to connect smoothly. That's an ISP issue--not Cryptic.

Also, the traceroute shows a lot of partial timeouts (each hop sends three data packets, an asterisk in your trace means that packet did not reach its destination). Hops 5-8 also are problematic (anything above 100ms is cause for concern). However, not all of those hops are controlled by the same ISP, else I'd conclude that there was a relay issue with a particular ISP along the route.

Your ISP must be way way out in the sticks....LOL.

As to your PC being able to run LotRO with no issues, that may be due to the fact that the route to those servers may be different than the data route between your PC and the STO server. Two games do not necessarily utilize the same route to their respective servers.
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