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12-03-2012, 05:12 PM
Well, customer service got back to me and said that they couldn't help me at all. Apparently it's against company policy to give refunds in any situation. There's got to be some kind of log file they can check that shows I've never even flown the useless T4 Corsair, it's not like I'm trying to wear something off the clothes rack and then return it.

So now it is my mission to get the Corsair added to the list of ships that give discounts on fleet ships.

Dear Cryptic:

- Corsair costs 1500 zen.
- Fleet ships modules cost 500 zen each.
- This is a total of 2000 zen.

- Four fleet ship modules also costs 2000 zen.

Players have to spend 2000 zen either way to get the fleet ship. You don't lose anything by having the T4 Corsair give a fleet ship discount