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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
This thread is getting a little serious, eh? It needs some dancing...
...dancing Klingons?
...dancing Klingons and Starfleet?
Coming together? Joy and harmony?
Or how about that oneday to be a classic southern Klingon hit.....

" Im going down Ker'rat, Im looking for some PewPew. "

But honestly, as I would say if it was Panda, TSI, Turkish, SOB or whom ever - do what you feel you have to do. Take your stand if you feel it is right and just to do so.

I will fight you if I see you all the same as I have before and have no less an ego pity party for myself than I ever have before.
Its all about the PewPew
It will suck at times but what life without challenges
Richard Hamilton (1975-2014)
goodbye good friend. We will see you in the DMZ in the sky oneday, save a shot for us.