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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
Recently Borticus said that the Borg were not buffed. Well, I subjectively feel like they are killing me a whole lot more than they used to, but here are two measurable and objective ways that I KNOW they have changed.

1.) I have a Vo'quv build centered around energy drains. Drop their power, pummel them with torpedoes. On ISE, I used to be able to drop the tactical cube's shields and keep them down as long as my energy siphons were active. I was using plasmonic leech, energy siphon, beam:target shields, and somewhere around 200 points in Flow Capacitors skill. I also have polarized disruptors that hit for another -50 when they trigger. It was a very specialized but successful build.

That no longer works. I even had a team mate help me, and he also has energy siphon and plasmonic leech, and both of us together were not able to drop the cube's shields. A third player joined and the shields finally switched off.

So, between crippling some of my strongest abilities in space and on ground, my science character is feeling pretty darn useless now.
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I do concur with this though. I used to be able to tank elite bosses in STFs reasonably well. Good selection of heals/resists, good timing and drains.

Now it's seems my drain builds don't seem to do too much. Half my tanking ability comes from draining their power which over time worked to my advantage in that my heals didn't need to get triggered as often.

Now, 1st hit, and half my heals are fired off. 2nd big hit and the rest are used along with miracle worker. 3rd and your just a sitting duck waiting for the final slap across the face. In the mean time, plasmonic leech, polaron weapons and 2x aceton assimilators doesn't seemed to have dulled their attack any.

Fully specced into healing/tanking type skills and drains. It's disappointing to say the least.

The excessive bleedthrough or plasma burn doesn't help either.
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