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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
You are arrogant because you posted a thread in which you stated... YOU all are running BS so beware your betters are going to do it to now. LMAO... come on this thread is one of the most arrogant rants I have heard in a long time. Frankly there are only 2 TSI players still playing that DO not run Cheese. They both have sort of posted here saying this was ill advised.

You know you are the best ??? I hate to break it to you, I have played against tons of "new" as in started after f2p... that frankly are better players, then anyone that was in TSI back in "the day". I would also say to you this... and anyone that has played TSI members... (frankly I think most of the TSI members know this is true as well)... There has ONLY ever been 7 good players in TSI... Yes I will name names
SANTA (No I will not use his stupid fed name... and he was good despite his need to build around broken crap)

Not trying to hurt your feelings... but when you trade the TSI name, for cred. You are trading on the reps THOSE individuals build as solid top of the game players. At this point as far as I know only 2 of those people still play STO. If you want that kinda of respect with out those folks you should work more on building some on your own.

Ouch, but kind of true.