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Originally Posted by thundersalmon View Post
Cant quote the post due to this stupid phone...but..

Wait...since when does the tor'kaht cost real world money!?
Just fleet credits and fleet ship mods which you can buy with energy creds... Or am i missing something here!?
I'm guessing the majority of people either buy all or part of their modules with cash-purchase. Saving up that much EC with all the needs for the reputation system and a decent nerf to getting salvage from STFs can be fairly hard depending on your playstyle.

Even buying with EC, all fleet modules can be traced back to cash in some way, though it may take a very indirect route to you. All the ones you see on the Exchange were bought with Zen, and that Zen was either bought directly (or indirectly via subscription stipend) with real world money, or was made via Dilithium Exchange which gets it's Zen from people that buy it in some way.