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My last post in this godforsaken ****up. And i know i shouldnt be saying this and will be slammed for it, but done is done so might as well finish it.

1. Sick and tired of being called arrogant. How are we arrogant? Because we know we are among the best? Hell, we are, but we dont need to brag about it. So the arrogant remark comes from others, likely used to denote us cause other fleets cant do the same as we, without resorting to p2w stuff. Sure we are as guilty with it, but I bet most of us can do without.

2. The need to suffer the very things we upheld for so long not to use, only to have other fleet use it against us. And no way, thats fair game for them! Happend to us too often and sick of the hypocrisy.

3. Tired of hearing people justify p2w consoles and make up rules which limits what we can and cannot do, and hence preventing growth. Hell back in 1.2 we used what we could use because we knew we could win and evolve from it. Now its all you cant do this you cant do that cause its >insert excuse here<. And yet, people complain about p2w....

You wonder why Era, Aythani, Faithborn, Linty, Bio and the others left so we cant field 5 mans as before? Well NOW you know!
just stop devoras.

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Well, according to Hilberts reply in this thread you guys maybe didn't discuss it enough?!

I am sorry, but if you guys really walk the tric path, then TSI will no longer be considered a serious PVP fleet.

What is wrong with you? If you as a fleet have any self respect left, then you will not use trics.

Yes, dispersal trics are imbalanced and they allow lesser skilled individuals/fleets to score kills or even victories. But no serious person in the pvp community respects such people anyway.

How can that be fine?! Why is it so difficult for you guys to lay out some rules of conduct and sticking to it? Are you guys 12 year olds or are you adults?

What the hell is this?! Again, I have to ask, are you guys serious?!

Before you guys mock other fleets, I'd like ask if TSI even has a ready premade anymore. How many times in the last 4 months or so did you guys have 5 members online simultaneously?

By now I have seen TSI in action and judging by what I have witnessed I have to say that sounds like a very arrogant statement. If you had so much skill, why is Devoras complaining about being blown up by trics then?

TSI, what have you become?
there was no discussion that i am aware of.

Originally Posted by havam View Post
hands tissues to maikai so he can polish his fleetnoobula refit while it sits in drydock *pat on the back* i hear you bro
thanks, much needed -_- apparently everything i fly sucks

Originally Posted by grindsmygears1 View Post
I think they left because the game sucks, not due to forum bullying.
thats the truth, some TSI members would be more then happy to come back if the game was worth comming back too. but guild wars 2 has showed their pvp soul what REAL pvp can be like.

Devoras posted this thread without discussing it with everyone.

as a Co-Leader of TSI I do not approve of this thread.

also, i use tricobalt mines and dispersal pattern 2 on my timeship. it works, it kills things, the only thing i think needs to change about it is the "one crit rules them all" codeing it has going on with it.

the trics fail more often then they work but when they work, it leaves a path of floaty bits around it.

i also use grav pulse (only the duration needs to be fixed), the subspace jump, the iso metric charge. these are my consoles of choice.

and no, my charged partical burst, iso metric charge and heavy grav beam do not all benifit from partical generators anymore -sad panda-

I do think some of us are arrogant, but in all seriousness... who isnt on these forums?

TSI is and always will be a fleet that lets its memebers use what they feel they need to if its in the game.
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Frankly, I think the only sound advice that one can give new players at this time is to stay away from PVP in STO.
Science pvp at its best-
Do you even Science Bro?