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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Can you post, or PM me how you got to 49% crit chance?

I need to double check in-game, I think I've got a sitting 29% and can get to 40% buffed, but you're saying you've got 49% unbuffed? That's impressive.
Using Melee doffs and Swords. You can get even higher using Purple Doffs.
Combining that with this method:
You tube video of Tactical Super Buff

Use your Omega gun as you enter to put suppressing fire on all the borg and switch to sword to make your kill. A full team using Omega Armor will also gain more Crit Chance and Crit Severity (12.5% with a full team). Furthermore, with 5 people running Full Omega sets and Gambling devices, the whole team will have 100% dodge. So half damage received for the whole team, while they are standing.

Putting that into terms of kits, Having Motion Accelerator will only boost me to get to the borg faster, allowing me to kill them faster. I have unbelievable survivability as a tac. A whole team doing this will look like Jedi Masters just invaded the borg.