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# 1 An apology
12-03-2012, 06:31 PM
There is a hebrew saying: Pride before a fall.

And that saying I will heed to now. I wish to apologize first to my own fleet for my rash and far outspoken manner on fleets do and do nots. I admit it was foolish, stupit, borderline pathetic, and I wish top rectify that before my last shred of credibility and dignity flies out the window. Secondly i wish to apologise to the pvp community for my rubbish behaviour and hope I can still contibute where I can.

Finally I still stand on my descion to withdraw from the bootcamp. Given the unfortunate circumstance ive caused, such conduct Ive shown will not reflect well on the bootcamps spirit and intent. So to spare them, I will not participate.

This is final if Sargon or others dont have a bloody good reason why to even bother having me present.

Thanks for reading.

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