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08-10-2009, 04:12 PM
Further questions in lieu of the HF Interview:
  1. Are you open to changing the 'Ranged Healing' system, and maybe going with something like Planet Side or American Army (system that has medic standing next to patient, rather than healing from down the corridor)?
  2. What are ranges of the current healing systems? Whats the longest ranged heal?
  3. It sounds like combat is about taking hits and mitigating damage --- Personal Shields, health points, healing, etc. So does that mean the plan is to have people shooting at each other in the open, like SWG, instead of heavily promoting taking cover, like FPS and military squad games?
  4. How much 'healing' are you expecting to see in a single encounter? Is it going to be minor, or is it going to be like other MMOs where you see large amounts of healing through out a single encounter?