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Originally Posted by razorthorn1 View Post
you know all the federation stuff is great but thats all i see being done is for the federation what about doing things for the kdf for a change i have seen very little being dong with them
Only Fed Stuff are you kidding me you guys have so much stuff that kills feds PVP has become one sided, you can’t fight with ought Klingons and their Energy drain drones or their Asseton assimilators or their battle cloaks being able to shoot us with ought us being able to fight back or lock on to you guys really we get a lot please we get crap.... we need more stuff to balance the PVP battles or you will find yourself fighting alone.. Also one more thing you should know and I’m sure others do Klingons don't have a console so they can use their cloaking devise it’s built into the ship. but guess what federation ships that have cloaking devices we lose that console slot because we have a module and we need to add the cloak if we want to use it how fair is that crap.. I only play because I like star trek at this point but all this one sided BS is starting to get real old so I’m thinking a change of view might be needed and come back later when they address these issues... it’s hard to do but not sure what else to do I’m more frustrated than happy in the game at this point even with all the new Eye candy...

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