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12-03-2012, 08:13 PM
Whatever it is, it's a bug if it's happening with Borg normal weapons, which is exactly what's happening. If anyone gets hit by a lance or plasma circle thing (forgot what they're called), they deserve being nuked. Fine and dandy. One high yield torp volley shouldn't one shot a fully shielded, fully hulled Vesta. It happens almost every Elite I run--nuked to oblivion without a chance to react with no warning and no reason. There are weapons that should believably one-shot you and others that shouldn't.

I can only imagine the issue is a bug. I can't imagine that this is how the game was designed.

I've also been nuked by (at least from what I could tell) a cutting laser. Through my full shields and full hull. That was the only weapon I saw hit me. Shields were supposed to have protected me from almost all that damage. Instead, I spontaneously combusted. Stuff is definitely wrong with the Borg.