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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
SANTA (No I will not use his stupid fed name... and he was good despite his need to build around broken crap)
To be honest, I thought all my in-game names were stupid and I never used any builds that were outside of the accepted norm by the PVP community. I.E. at least 70% of the people I encountered used the abilities I used.

Anyways, yes. I left STO because of the crap that was coming out and the general feeling of (I don't care about PVP at all) that was coming from the devs. I tried to stay, hell I even made my STO forum stuff look pretty, but the relentless money grabbing by the devs and lack of testing made it difficult for me to find a reason to stay despite my love for star trek and space.

If anyone is interested in PVP, come join me on Guild Wars 2 or Planetside 2. You won't find any P2W there or a lack of PVP support.

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