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What is this? Royal "we"?

By whom? Tricobalts are a bad idea because they aren't reliable enough. (And the whole stun and multiple hits from dispersal patterns thing is no fun either.) Who in their right mind would sacrifice a high-level tac slot on an escort for a dispersal pattern (and two weapon slots for the mines themselves) that will be easily countered by FAW and/or TBR?

How about you just post full details on all possible future premade setups that I have tossed around?

Why is it that someone always has to go to the forums and make completely stupid "from now on TSI will only run spam crap" announcements? I have no intention of doing anything like that - not when Zorena announced it years ago and not now. And I hope that I'm not the only one in the fleet who thinks that way.

Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
I would also say to you this... and anyone that has played TSI members... (frankly I think most of the TSI members know this is true as well)... There has ONLY ever been 7 good players in TSI... Yes I will name names
SANTA (No I will not use his stupid fed name... and he was good despite his need to build around broken crap)

Not trying to hurt your feelings... but when you trade the TSI name, for cred. You are trading on the reps THOSE individuals build as solid top of the game players. At this point as far as I know only 2 of those people still play STO. If you want that kinda of respect with out those folks you should work more on building some on your own.
Only 7 good players? heh, I still play STO in my spare time, and I feel as though I am equal to any of the 7 players that you listed in terms of skill.