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12-03-2012, 07:38 PM
So, you flipped your ****. You ****ed up. Embarrassed your fleet. Made yourself look like a fool.

Now you're going to own up by bailing on what is, probably, the one major thing that can most help new players to learn the ropes of STO, depriving them of your first hand experience with STO's PvP?

I call bull****.

The real embarrassment would be backing out on your commitment because you made a mistake and rage posted on the STO forums. Especially when you're now a living example of why and how important it is to have a level of detachment when playing PvP. Don't use your mistake as an excuse to bury your head in the sand and back out. Grit your teeth and move forward.

The only way this would really, truly reflect poorly on the program is, if instead of analyzing what your mistakes were and working damned hard to improve upon them, the heart of all PvP, you simply ran away.

/end ??motivational?? rant