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12-03-2012, 07:40 PM
If an asteroid came here, there's gonna be no "lets blow it up with a big nuke" fix, we're screwed and if we have a colony off world, they're screwed with us, it will just take them longer to die.
That colony would rely on us for manufacturing and resources and all the little things not available locally, there is no way a colony could be completely self sufficient in this solar system unless they have their own sources of food, air, water, access to raw materials and the means to manufacture goods, not to mention a gene-pool of sufficient size to guarantee the survival of the species.
Roughing it in the wild living off the land is only something that can be done on Earth or on an Earth like planet and we don't have anymore of those and it doesn't work so well when there's no life around you and you have to bring your own air with you.
A lifeboat for humanity would have to be a fully functioning completely self sufficient society, not merely a colony.

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