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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
They should've added an additional weapon slot to the forward area of the ship. Making it 5/2.
There are no 5 weapon forward/back slots in any ship in the game.

...but then again, intelligence is not PWI's strong suit these days.
I am going to assume you are not really thinking about what a extra FORWARD weapon would do in a ship that can fire torpedoes under cloak.

A extra Tactical console could grant you 30% more base damage at best, a 5th weapon slot would give it about 25% more damage PLUS all the Tactical consoles extra damage on top.

GROSSLY overpowered.

Also dont say it have "low" tactical consoles, it have 3 and many "tactical" cruisers also have 3, low means 2 consoles that is what you find in the Galaxy-R, Interpid-R or the non Tactical Oddys (just Tactical I could point out the Steamrunner only have 2 Science consoles), the BoP are meant to be jack-of-all trades that is why they have a equal number of consoles until the Fleet system come about and we got the Ning'tao 4/2/3 and the Fleet Ning'tao 4/3/3.

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