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12-03-2012, 08:02 PM
Ok, I have two Fed characters. The Feds are the ones I seem to have the most trouble with, so I'll post their ship layouts here.

1. Tactical officer: flies a Galaxy-X

All of these are MK12 very rare from the old STF store before Season 7 went live

Mk12 MACO set

Mk 12 phaser weapons- no cannons, all beam and dual beam phasers
Mk 12 quantum torpedoes

Consoles- Tactical- 2 mk11 rare phaser relay consoles, 1 mk11 rare quantum zero point console

Weapons powers- Emergency power to weapons x2, attack pattern alpha, phaser lance, heavy graviton beam, tactical initiative, fire on my mark, go down fighting, torpedo high yield, beam overload

heal/buff powers- emergency power to shields, reverse shield polarity, engineering team, hazard emmitters, science team, tactical team

other powers- subspace jump (from subspace jump console), eject warp plasma x2, evasive maneuvers, fleet support

devices- satellite turret, red matter capacitor

2. Science Officer- Prometheus Multi-vector advanced escort

Mk12 MACO set

again, these are all mk12 very rare from the old STF store

Mk12 anti-proton dual and dual heavy cannons in front and turrets in rear
Mk12 quantum torpedo launcher in front
Mk12 tricobalt mine launcher in rear

Consoles- weapons- mk11 rare antiproton mag regulator x3, mk11 rare quantum zero point chamber

Weapons powers- torpedo spread, torpedo high yield x2, cannon rapid fire, cannon spread fire, emergency power to weapons, heavy graviton beam

heal/buff powers- science team, engineering team, hazard emitters, emergency power to shields

other powers- viral matrix, gravity well, subspace jump, evasive maneuvers, fleet support, photonic fleet

devices- red matter capacitor, phase generator (from the devidian mission)

I think I might be missing a power or two, but this covers the biggest part of it.

I'll be honest, these builds are what I've set up to run STFs specifically, they work pretty well for other PVE, but fighting PvP I don't do so well. I can do a pretty good job as long as a lockbox ship isn't in the fight, but once a lockbox ship shows up, I'm through. I'm open to suggestions here.
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