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12-03-2012, 09:19 PM
This is at least the fourth version of this thread ive seen where TSI decides that they will now use all the cheese in the game. It's like the matrix - this has all happened before and will happen again.

Heres a STO history lesson - TSI has always and will always use cheese and exploits to win. I can't believe years later people still think otherwise. From Tactical Captain exploits to FAW to Torp Spread to whatever it is now, theyll use it. Dont believe otherwise.

TSI and Qew made a tournament ruleset with some restrictions, one of them being the one hit kill torp spread. We'd meet them in arena queues, beat them 15-0 under the tournament rules, only to have them come back literally 5 minutes later in the next game with the same 5 guys but this time with torp spread on their science ships.

They had to though. Someone said they have 7 good players. Thats a joke. They have 2. Rock and Era. Era keeps the team alive, and Rock blows things up. Everyone else is filler. Control rock with harrassment (power drains, turn speeder debuffs, tractor beams) and then TSI gets no kills. Thats why they had to use torp spread on their Sci ships to get any kills against us, because they only had 1 escort player that could do anything and he was easy to control.

Anyways, I cant believe theres still drama around this fleet. This topic is exactly what theyve been like the whole time.

Love Kharns