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12-03-2012, 08:28 PM
Yeah it seems like the undine and dishonorable remains of the house of duras and their allies where it seemed at the end of the tng/ds9 era that they were pretty much crushed this game puts them on a pedestal where they went from being extinct to basically running the empire. Not to mention the Undine pretty much controlling the alpha quadrant and KDF content where its going to boil down to if you want actual KDF content that isn't a Klingon on a Fed diet then you will have to use the foundry.

They really need to consolidate the factions as far as development because they keep stating they understand the "build it and they will come aspect" but they aren't building anything KDF and keep saying that they are loosing money on it... I guess the green paint costs are on the rise and too much to afford. TBH though there are so many story arcs and so many ship designs involving everything surrounding the KDF in their story that just hasn't been done you can almost say that there is more KDF than fed content just based off canon to put in this game. It pretty much looks like they were basing most of the game off TOS and then sprinkled a little TNG and DS9 here and there.

Plus on another note a lot of what made Star Trek what it was... WAS the KDF. Between the Khitomer Treaty to the end of DS9 there would be no federation if it wasn't for the assistance of the KDF. This new romulus thing would make sense except for the fact that the undine plot isn't resolved, the duras/jmpok arc isnt resolved, the fek'ihr arc isn't resolved, and the dominion okay they aren't officially engaged in any war in the alpha quadrant... The feds resolved their side with their dominion arc. Okay then why do we have defenses vs the dominion since they aren't officially attacking the Feds or KDF? It just seems they will pile any kind of dead gagh at us and expect us to like it but the whole point of story and anything resembling canon goes out the window with dilithium and zen crap that we aren't even getting c-store ships popping out. Sure Sure they put a fleet b'rel out there but its freaking T5 shipyard and its not like decent fleets are getting people swamped with donations to even get their so it makes sense the way they did starbases and story with feds but with the KDF its just a fed diet given to us to stay fed healthy.