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Originally Posted by defcon1776 View Post
I would replace [RCS Accelerator] with

Console - Tachyokinetic Converter
+22.9 Flight Turn Rate
+17.2 Starship Graviton Generators
+0.76% Critical Chance
+7.6% Critical Severity
Thanks for the advice, forgot about the lobi console. I will certainly look into obtaining it.

Originally Posted by hyprodimus View Post
Cannons are the point of escorts. If you want to actually do anything in PvP, play your role. It like putting torpedoes on a carrier...

You can still have your overload if you like. Go 4 DHC with a BA at the back. or 3 DHC and a DBB.

But the rapidfire is essential for escorts. Its the bread and butter.
Firing beam overload from a beam array is incredibly weak. And firing beam overload from aft...I won't be able to take advantage of my DHC if I do that. The strongest attacks for an escort are always placed in the front.

A Dual Beam Bank Overload III can Crit well beyond 50K+ fully buffed. A standard Dual Beam Bank Overload III deals 21K base damage (no buffs), at the very least stripping shields. Combine that with a quantum torpedo high yield III for an extra 21K+ and you will deal at least 42K (DHC not taken into account). Fully buffed in an Alpha strike, it is possible oneshot unsuspecting cruisers with BO III/THY III.

As I said in my first post, this build is an attempt to make an alternative to the full cannon escort. I understand that 4x DHC/3x turret or 3x DHC/1x DHC/3x turret is the norm in PvP builds. What I am looking to do is get feedback so that I may improve an alternative to the standard build.

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