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Originally Posted by devorasx
Season 7 has provided lots of challenges and tribbleations, and TSI has been discussing among themselves far and wide. Season 7 has introduced new passives, a reputation grind, and a belief that escort online is somewhat still the motto of the game. So we would like to announce some new playstyle changes in our fleet to the community, and what we intend to do in hope of some favourable changes:

1. Tricobalt mines. We are sick and tired of being the victim of this, so we will now return the favour tenfold. Tricobalt mines with dispersal patterns will now be used more liberally.

2. Science ships. We have deemed after some disusscion that science ships and its science abilties is mostly redundant, easy to counter, easy to resist and the fact key science abilites can be used on other ships, that we will (mostly) not be using them any longer until Cryptic does some significant changes to science skills and its resistance. The Vesta was a welcome change, but most of us know its really an escort in science disguise, but a far weaker version.

3. Cruiser + Escorts = True love. Yes, tank and spank is the new deal. Stronger hull, can carry all the nessecary skills to survive, lots of dps, and not as paper thin and gimmicky as a science ship. But you say that science has the best shields. Yes shields are nice, but shields are easy to strip away by sheer dps alone, or even disables. Besides, a premade team knows that all what is needed is just to keep shields up and running that shield ammount really doesnt matter.

4. No, we will not use cheesy skills like AMS and that sorts. We are still above that and if we do use it, its likely a single "cheap" console, and not a whole loadout like many others use.

With this announcement we want to state an example to the developers on what and how we feel and think the game is going wrong and going good. Cya in space!
lol man sorry but you guys are just full of lol. i dont agree 100% of this post. ill edit later and put thought into what im going to say. but i would like to add, why dident you abuse trics sooner? dont tsi find the most broken stuff and abuse it to the max?

sencor scan? sub nuke? sorry but its not about all engys and escourts. i want that sci healer with vm. i want that sub nuke for your rsp. but to say sci no longer has a place is full of fail. i think you guys just use to run the most bs crap and when that crap took the nerf bat you guys were left in the dust gimped. your cruch has ben taken away and you cant adapt. but trics, ams and gp is bs. no skill in toys like that. but if its causing you not to have fun then take out sub nuke doffs. i think they would start to use skill when they figured out you got mad and took buffs away from them.

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