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12-03-2012, 11:09 PM
I recently had a very cruiser-affirming experience myself. I am an engineer in the Regent, and I run a technician battery build. I use 7 beams with the wide angle quantum along with fire at will, torp spread 2, and APB2.

First of all, I have to say that it feels absurdly powerful (for a cruiser). The burst damage of FAW combined with torp spread (all at the same time thanks to the wide-angle) can handily destroy BoP waves in CSE or probes in KASE in one volley, which is immensely satisfying and gives it great utility where other cruisers would spend too much time whittling things down.

Anyway, I recently carried a team through to victory in an STF in a way that I believe would not have been possible with any other ship. We were in KASE. One player was an AFK leecher and another left, leaving only 3 players, and one of those 3 was in a poorly equipped science vessel which had trouble doing enough damage to even stop the initial 2 probe waves let alone 4 after the transformers were down. On the other side was a mediocre escort with apparently no ambitions beyond shooting down his own probes. So it fell on me to handle almost all the probe duty on my side and destroy the gate.

Luckily my aux2batt build meant that FAW and torp spread were going off very frequently. The sheer AOE power of the setup allowed me to outright destroy most of the probes, or damage them enough for the science vessel, without ever taking focus off the gate. I managed to destroy the gate without letting any more through and then repeat the same process on the other side, except then with spheres pounding me while the other two took their time clearing them.

After that was the problem of Donatra. I'm sure many of you understand how unbreakable her shields can seem with an under-manned and underpowered team. If I had been in an escort here, we would have been utterly doomed. She would have popped us in rapid succession and we would never have maintained enough damage to get anywhere. Luckily I was flying a threat control tank, and I was able maintain aggro and keep myself alive for what seemed like 10 minutes while the three of us slowly pounded down her shields and hull.

That I was flying the Regent, and not any other ship in the game, is the only reason we won that match. I do not believe even the excelsior can match this ships performance, as the wide-angle torpedo spread combined with fire at will is a significant factor in burst damage potential, and no other ship save the oddy has enough tactical space for all of tac team, FAW, torp spread and an attack pattern.