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12-03-2012, 10:16 PM
LOL, to be honest there is an issue hardly any fleets out there are near a Tier 5 shipyard any satisfactory fleets without their little llama drama's are at 6 months or more from getting to the tier 5 shipyard. On top of that as Cryptic uses as a comfort blanket their little metrics of the KDF being so small in population but yet the starbase system does not reflect this difference.

So pretty much Cryptic has a decision to make... Either start pushing out actual KDF content as well as C-Store ships for the KDF or reduce the requirements by 84% since we are the 16% It's only fair if you go how many months has it been since the bortasqu' came out and nothing for the KDF? So pick one make KDF stuff or cut the KDF's starbase requirements so you can actually obtain this with the lower population.