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12-03-2012, 11:23 PM
Some may open up DOff assignments or additional missions or add limited rewards to normal missions.
I really like the idea of this. One of the episode types I always enjoyed, from all the series, were the ones where the captain would end up working with a specific crewman and they gained a deeper understanding of each other. You can think back to Picard helping Worf during the Birthright arc. Sisko came to the defense of Dax, Bashir and Worf during legal proceedings on DS9. Janeway found three junior officers who had slipped thru the cracks and took them on an away mission with her.

I would want to see some minor story driven missions that open some back story with your boffs. I guess the missions would appear based on the personality archtypes you selected for them. There would probably also need to be some racial considerations made too, so you don't have stories where they act completely outside their culture. The missions would be like the starting point on New Romulus; just you and the boff.

Lots of potential here and hopefully not too much overhead in development.