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12-03-2012, 11:47 PM
Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post

your tss's and he's are constantly nerfed by you running the aux cannons.

capt i mostly agree on what you say, but this??? its not even a hard nerf.or even a heal nerf. my fleet mate has tested it and he never drops below 100 aux. capt i think you really need to try the aux dhc. ide love too myself. but boost the turn or add another armor console is a joke. so many people think you need to run more then 1 armor console and this just is not true. i run only 1. to have a 35% resist across the bord? i get like 28.3% i believe. and thats just 1 armor console. and how many people do you know that go sci scourt? its just about the same thing. except way more heals. i am along the lines of thought as too many console. but people swar by these things and i doubt they are doing harm to thier builds running vesta consoles. i think it comes down to most of us hate p2w consoles so we shutter at gp or even theta.

on my carrier im at 115 aux got over 20k heal with he 2. and ide much rather have a veta with semi heals and 3 mk12 accx2 aux powered dhc then a carrier that says im a healer pop me. his debuff with semi heals is way better then people that put sci in jems. he has sencor anni, sencor scan, sub nuke, vm, tss3. he i mean wtf. damage and healing? it dont get better then that in team.