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Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post
again, on a ship like this, with this boff layout, and weak hull, you are running in my opinion way too many crazy consoles.

please understand: 1 joke ability every 3 minutes that lasts 10 seconds is NOT a good way to max your build in PVP.

think of the constant defense you could have with another neutronium instead of that theta. or the turnrate you could get to max your def dish hax (which you arent even using) by sloting a RCS for turnrate.

or even 5 shield cap consoles. staying alive = you do more of everything.

your tss's and he's are constantly nerfed by you running the aux cannons.

and you may as well slot nothing instead of that breen cluster torp. you'd get the same results, but you just wouldnt see those mines pop out once they hit the target, and immediately get eaten up by AOE and TCD and pet spam.

i understand where you are coming from with the "crazy consoles" logic. I agree that the Theta console is more of a "gimick" or "luxury" console but I have found that minus escorts running APO its a nice thing to trap the enemy and get them to stop moving. In the least it gets them to use a HE to clear it out.

The other consoles i do grant you have a somewhat long cooldown compared to the benefit you receive from them, but this is the way i look at it: if i did not have the team fortress console (for example) i would have another phaser relay which yes would increase my dps, but thats not what i'm there to really do. the team fortress console and the fermion console i use as "in between cooldown" heals. If i am unable to send out any heals for my team atleast i can use those consoles, and by the time i need them again they are usually off cooldown.

I see what your saying about these new Aux powered DHC's, that they are causing a nerf for my healing. I have noticed that when im running the SV1 with those cannons my AUX never drops below 105-100 aux (when running at full aux). And to be honest this is easily solved by just not hitting the spacebar right before you send out your heals.

I know that the Breen cluster torp seems to be a stupid choice, but it seems to work for me. i used to run the tric mines but i never had any real luck with them doing any significant damage, if they ever even hit. and i feel as though running 3 beams in the back would be somewhat of a waste as well with minimal weapons power. And so far with the breen torp i've seen some pretty good bleed-through damage come out of it, and i have had much better luck with it hitting my target than the tric mines.

Please dont get me wrong on this post, i was just trying to show my reasoning as to why i put this build together the way i did. I respect your opinions and as i pvp more and more in different situations i will probably end up changing a few or more things.