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We are used to it by now from all the copy paste FE's so having a formulaic, bland and tediuos storyline to follow while still being all those things is, if its KDF specific, better than what we have now with no storyline arc that helps us, as fans, enjoy STO from a KDF viewpoint.
There are better options, and a lot of those better options already exist.

Missions like "Krios Falling" from the Foundry are long enough, and some are well-made enough, without breaking from the existing timeline in any meaningful way, to warrant 'canonization' and a move from the Foundry list, to a proper place in a KDF ranking-up storyline string, while some of the shorts ("Klingon Bar fight" for example) work well as 'bumper' missions after the House of Torg storyline, and before the Fel'khri return.

I suspect we could spend about a day and a half, and compile a listing that cryptic could, theoretically, put on the main page, in order, which would provide new KDF characters a good run of missions from Level 1 to 21, or 21 to 30, 31 to 40, and 41-50 without requiring a single developer to spend a single day designing a single mission-without crossing over once to the fed content.

Best part for cryptic/pwe, is that the EULA for foundry missions makes that content already owned BY Cryptic-they wouldn't even have to pay royalties for using it beyond the standard fees they're already paying CBS.

The only issue remaining, is convincing them to DO SO.
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