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And yet they still complain about the Defiant not having a battle cloak when it is the most powerful escort in terms of sheer destructive power.

I had this one guy in a Wells Time ship call every BOP pilot that killed him in a decloaking alpha strike or failed to kill him and run away cowards.

It isn't my fault that he made himself an easy target by not having the foresight to run Tac Team and other defenses to blunt my assault.

The truth is, the KDF isn't overpowered. Sure most of us had to do PVP in order to level up our toons due to lack of PVE content. That gives many of us more PVP experience than the average Fed player.

The reason why the average Fed players believe us to be overpowered is because the PVE content didn't prepare them for the horrors of fighting a thinking opponent that isn't afraid to turn them to space dust for one little missed buff.
PVP will always be a different experience from PvE-the proof for this, is the reaction to the improvements in the Borg AI introduced in S7, which made it more fun for some of us, and generated indignant howls of panty-twisted pain from others.

All Cryptic really did to generate this indignant screeching, was make a few missions a little bit more like fighting a mediocre PvP'er. I ran Onslaught in Tribble on a BoP, I ran it on live in a BoP, had no serious issues, but Feds used to "Dumb borg who can't see you if you park HERE" couldn't take it and howled on and on in protest...because for fifty levels plus however long they were doing STF's, they'd never EVER fought an opponent who actually had any adaptability or skill at all.

The interesting thing is, our ships are, put nicely, sub-par compared on a Tech level/Hull to hull basis, but we keep winning in PvP, and only the very BEST of the Federations' players can keep up with what amounts to the KDF's mediocre level players-and they often require ships with close-to-overwhelming superiority to do so.

WE "Win", they "Whine", as the OP in this thread demonstrates, and it's a matter of a few key things:

1. Because the KDF community IS so small, information gets around a lot faster, and members are more likely to share info between one another. Builds, powers, skill and layout choices, how x impacts y...

2. Our environment pushes our player-members to improve themselves and their playing style harder than the FEd environment does. VERY few KDF refuse to PvP at all, and it's a major source of Dilithium to do it, so we do it MORE, which means seeing and experiencing more in terms of how the game-mechanics ACTUALLY work.

3. Warrior Ethic. The KDF as a faction choice appeals to a warrior ethic, a greater willingness to challenge superior enemies and accept the occasional loss if it leads to a future victory.

4. Because the community is small, when five random klinks show up in Ker'rat, or on the PvP ques, after a while they either know, or know of, one another-which makes them more capable of acting 'team like' and covering one another's strengths and weaknesses than an equivalent random FEd Pug. Also, because of that "Warrior Ethic" that infuses the fiction (and thus, the community) Klinks are less likely to roam off on their own and get killed, more likely to seek out "Laggers" in the Fed herd to strike down first, etc.

(4) extends into the STF ques as well-an All-Klink team from different fleets is still more likely to PuG an Optional on CSE than an all-Fed Pug, even if they are not running "The best ships for the mission".

I've been spending more time on my Fedside alts, and things I have noticed:

Klinks may have the rep for being surly, but Feds, esp. in Fleetmark events where there are no outsiders, really DO treat one another badly in comparison with Klinks in the same or similar situations. They don't talk to each other, they don't greet one another, they never congratulate one another and they never stop to discuss tactics or offer advice.

"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."

I play KDF, because being a genocidal maniac works better with Klingons, than explaining it as a member of Starfleet.