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12-04-2012, 12:53 AM
I really dont see the problem, other than it steals the design from the dark night rises.

Half the franchise has has some evil force or megalomaniac trying to blow something up, or cause destruction or seek revenge. khan in II, the whale probe in VI, Soron in generations, the borg in first contact, shinzon in nemsis, nero in XI.

There are tons of evil creatures in every single series. we had an entire series in ds9 that was very focused on war and conflict. the crews family have been killed at times, crew members have suffered senseless deaths. planets have been destroyed, no one seems to mind all that, because that was old trek and that could do no wrong now?

i swear that its just people have taken a disliking to JJ. If this poster was being made under the former writers, and showed the borg standing over an assimilated earth, or the doomsday device hovering over a destroyed planet, everyone would be geeking out like there is no tomorrow. people seem to just want to hate on it now because its JJ. evident that some have concluded the film will suck based on a single picture, because it's not all roses and sunshine?

would you conclude ds9 sucked based on the damage done to starfleet academy by the breen, or tng by the battle at wolf 359? its a teaser to set up the conflict, the threat that must be stopped, like they have stopped a hundreds times before in every series.

there is this notion that star trek is about hope for the future. no, only the federation is about hope for the future. the rests of the galaxy is more often than not trying to destroy them. all those red shirts did not die in accidents.

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