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12-04-2012, 01:26 AM
I would have to agree, it does appear they are dealing more damage than they should. I got hit with this today on Cure Ground Elite:

[Combat (Self)] Your Exothermic Induction Field II dealt 1 (7) shield damage to Drone.
[Combat (Self)] Your Exothermic Induction Field II deals 8 (9) Fire Damage to Drone.
[System] [ItemReceived] Minor Injury received: Bruised Ribs
[Combat (Self)] Elite Tactical Drone's Heavy Force Plasma Bolt dealt 373 (299) shield damage to you.
[Combat (Self)] Elite Tactical Drone deals 758 (1466) Plasma Damage(Critical) to you with Heavy Force Plasma Bolt.
[System] [CombatAlert] You are being flanked!
[System] [ControlScheme_ChangeSucceeded] Changed control scheme to RPG Controls

This is a single shot here broken up in the combat log. My character has 373 shield points, full MACO Mk XII set. Albeit this was a flanking strike, but this attack still should not have killed me at full health through naniite health monitor. (kit swapping. NHM from medic then jumped to physicist)