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Originally Posted by ivesdewitte1 View Post
I am a returning player.
So when i installed the game, i can get to the character select with no problems. But when i chose a toon to log in it takes forever to get into the game.
When i am finaly in the game the only thing i can do is turn my ship around with no moving.
I cant warp to anywhere, but it makes the graphic movememt but i still stay in the same place.
Before i never had any problems the game used to run very smooth for me.
Any tips please
thanks in advance

I am having the same Problem. Loading form the character selection into the game takes a long time (several minutes); it doesn't matter which character I use. Sometimes the loading process stops around 50+%. If I'm finally in, I cant't move my ship (just around my position), cant't chat (although sometimes I can read), I'm getting no new missions from Command (all is empty), I can see other player ships moving around.

I am having this issue for several months now, and I have not found a soltution. In a similar thread there was I-Control mentioned, but disabling it doesn't work.
If I change the proxy in the launcher (I'm using none) I get server not responding or the game doesn't load at all.
I also can't log out, just exit the game. The skill tooltips just shows "untranslated" (I'm using the english client).

I don't know what causes the problem.

My system configuration is
i5 3.1 Ghz
4 gig ram
HD 7550
Win7 Pro 64 bit (I'm using xp-mode)

I'm hoping someone does have a solutuion for me.
Also thanks in advance.

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