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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
They hate him simply because he did something different, that he 'changed' Star Trek despite the fact the original is still intact, and that the alternate universe doesn't follow the old Trek despite all logic saying it SHOULDN'T...
No they don't just hate him because he changed Star Trek. But because he led Star Trek to a very different path und changed Star Trek INDEFINETLY.

It would be naive to think that the JJ movies don't have a lasting effect on the 'original' universe. The last Star Trek movie was a shiny, full-of-action, over the top teen movie that made a lot of people go to the cinema who never watched Star Trek before. It's only logical to expect the next JJ movie and a potential new series to be of the very same kind.

Most of what I liked about Star Trek in the past won't translate into a new movie or a new series. For me Star Trek is about social criticism, interesting technical and environmental phenomenons and the peaceful overcome of obsticles (despite the Dominon war). Nothing of this could be found in the last movie.