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Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
This is what Star Trek will be from now on. Its the same reason why this game is also like this, seeking out new civilizations... to blast them apart. Granted we haven't seen anything really new in STO and have been blasting away old enemies and friends alike.

Is it because of Cryptic/PWE's fault? Yes, their storywriters seem to have some limits in their scope.

But is it solely their fault? No, because there are many more players who lap up this kind of stuff. For every person that swears never to touch a lockbox, there are several more paying hundreds to get ahead in this game. Just as there are many more people who have never seen Star Trek before who are loving the Abramsverse, and/or STO. Or worse still, people who just never got the ol Star Trek, but totally dig Abrams' vision.

Gene was no saint, but he created something special that all of us saw. Back then our numbers were few, and even now that remains so. The Star Trek fanbase had just gained a lot of STO/Abrams fans.

Perhaps, that is our fate, as true Star Trek connoiseurs, to be forever drowned by the masses, even within our very own starships.

We should welcome this change, for it keeps our dear series alive. Because that is what we as Starfleet Officers and Honorable Warriors all stand for, welcoming and asking for a good fight.

But as long as we remember, as long as one more remastered BD ends up on a child's desk and opens his or her eyes to this promise of our future, Gene's and Rick's Star Trek will never perish!!

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As much as it saddens me I have to agree with every word you wrote, nicely put.

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