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Originally Posted by adrianm63 View Post
debuff player is not debuff team.You can have 4 tac and 1 sci.How are you going to test all these variables?
Testing all variables is not necessary, nor proposed by my question. You are again introducing additional strawmen to attack.

at level 50 you cant get a lieutenant ship into pve missions iirc.
I am unaware of any restrictions other than that you can't bring your shuttle. You can definitely get a non-VA ship into PvE elites as of today. Do you have any documentation to support your claim?

EDIT: This is me with a Lt. ship in an Elite as of a few minutes ago. With empty gear, and no bridge officers equipped.

You can finish all elite pve missions with white equipment if your team knows what to do.
That it is possible for the very best players to accomplish this as some kind of challenge, does not negate the value of a baseline entry for your typical play experience with an unknown group.

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