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12-04-2012, 03:20 AM
Originally Posted by ya7rel View Post
In almost every PvE and PvP match at least one player isn't playing at all. The only thing these people or computer programs are able of is hitting the need-button... I urge to work on a solution of this frustrating issue.
Ker'rat. It's been nicely active lately, interesting enough. Plenty of enemy players to shoot at, and a more interesting, unpredictable environment at that. It's also relatively easy to avoid the cheese squads, though not so easy to avoid the spawncampers (which is due to Cryptic's refusal to upgrad Ker'rat to where it has multiple spawnpoints, proper zone switching, no pointless warp-out reset and spawning on the KDF spawnpoint, etc).

Pugging the queues ain't everything. I don't use 'em, because of the wait times and the pre-made BS.