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12-04-2012, 03:27 AM
I'm 31, I grew up watching TOS on reruns then TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, and then a whole bunch of different fan made Trek series online.

DS9: Okay so there's this show Babylon 5 and it's kicking ass in the ratings and hey they're on a space station not flying around everywhere and anywhere every week and people love it.....let's try it too and see if we get all the ratings and glory.

Voyager: Yeah so DS9 wasn't the golden goose we were hoping for. But hey you know there was this show back in the 80's where this ship was struggling to get home (or to a new home). And that show was really successful so yeah let's try that.

Enterprise: Yeah so that did work either. Okay so we can't really cram in much between TOS and TNG so hey lets do something before TOS, and hey there is this really popular actor from the 80's that would be great and he'll work for cheap and people loved him.

on a side note: Thank you Enterprise for having the worst Captain in ST history and proving yet again that you could not only make a fail series but even make a complete laughing stock of an American sci-fi culture icon.



JJ Abrahms attempts to breath new life into a sci-fi icon that has completely lost its way since it's original creator died. In an attempt to rekindle the golden age of Trek he decides to use established, well loved characters and to expand on those characters by showing more of their origins. An overwhelming threat to the federation, a new ship, and an untested crew have to pull together to defeat the bad guy and return peace to the Federation.

WTF is so bad about that?? I think yall were expecting WAY WAY too much from the 2009 movie because they were reusing characters that we all loved so much. The interactions between the characters was close to the originals, the only difference is the original actors had the benefit of a TV series and therefore a much longer time frame to really get to know each other and learn to play off each other better.

TOS had TONS of action sequences in it, just like the 2009 movie, again TOS was a series so the action was more spread out. I've seen SOOOOO many people complain about the whole time travel alternate universe that JJ created, to that all I can say is STFU, he preserved the memory of the TOS series and honored everyone involved with it by not just simply wiping it away with a dirty rag and redoing what they did.

You can't expect one 126 minute movie to magically be perfect when comparing it to a tv series that ran for 79 episodes and a total of 3,950 minutes. And things are drastically different in real life now than compared to the 60's or hell even compared to the 90's and early 2000's so of course the movie is going to be grittier in a 126 minute time span and is everyone so forgetting these days that it still takes a normal tv series 1-3 seasons to really get to the good's all about lead up and backstory first, then main development.