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12-04-2012, 03:31 AM
Originally Posted by reconalpha1 View Post
Yes they got hit with a very BIG nerf stick. Now only 1 runabout out of the 4 that launch per wing can use a tractor beam every 40 sec.

I am hoping that they would add something to the runabouts to compensate for this nerf.

This is something I just don?t understand, all pets spam something due to the mechanics of there being more than one of them.
And they needed the nerf. People kept cheese-spamming with danubes and sci-spam, making it very difficult to do anything unless you were loaded with polarize hull, pattern omega, etc.

Maybe it was too much of a nerf. I dunno. I'd have been happy with it just being turned into a weak form of the borg tractor beam. Slightly slow the enemy rather than stop 'em, and make it impossible for all tractor beams combined to completely stop the opponent.