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You may be right Revo, but my guess if one of your brilliant foundry missions was being made into a film you would not have chosen a picture of a derelict wasteland and a flasher in a Mac standing on top of a pile of rubble to portray it. Where are the starships? Where are the uniforms and where is the hope in that picture.
Well thank you for the complement but thats not really true about how i would advertise. When I advertise my missions i try to pick an image that will give you an idea of the mission, or I pick an image that will grab your attention, or pique your curiosity. that has been dark images (one had the centre of ESD in flames), the other was a fleet of Borg ships.

i want to convey the threat and the danger that your crew will face. yes you always overcome it but i want the player to experience that in the mission, not have them know it will be all roses and shunshine before they even play it. if i wanted to advertise the worst of all worlds i would pick the darkest picture i could find because that is waht the reality is. its dark. why is that mission one of the highest rated in the foundry? its dark, its twisted and a reality that is the total opposite of star trek, but yet people comment on how great it is, and how star trek is is, because you see something outside the norm and you overcome that darkness.

This is storytelling. This image is to suggest things are going to get very bad indeed. Will the heros win. of course, they always do and we know they will win, but you dont nullify the threat in the opening shot.

what does a ship or a uniform tell us? we've all seen the enterprise a thousand times. what more can you do with it? other than the above mentioned breen attack on earth, and the alternate future in shockwave we never see Earth in this state.

House of Cards - Lvl 46 Fed mission

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