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12-04-2012, 04:22 AM
Some things for your Galaxy-X:

Sadly the turn rate of this ship is very bad. That makes it hard to use narrow angle weapons. The simplest solution is 8 beam arrays. They have a wide arc and allow for a powerful broadside. With 8 beams you might want to use some way of regaining weapon power, so either run an Aux to bat build or use emergency power to weapons.
Other than beams you could try single cannons. I don't know if your turn rate is enough to pull it off but if you want you could give it a try. 4 cannons front, 4 turrets back. Use CRF, maybe with a doff to reduce the cooldown (or aux to bat).

Here are some ideas:
EPtW1 RSP1 ET3 or Extend2
EPtW1 EPtS2 EPtS3 AtS3


That would work with 8 beams. You should use keybinds to cycle EPtS and EPtW, basically you will have both up all the time. You can get some information on keybinds and general hints here

An Atb variant:
EPtA1 AtB1 ET3 or Extend2


For this to work you will need 3 technician doffs of blue quality or higher. They reduce the cooldown of everything when you use AtB. So you just bind AtB to something, like the spacebar and keep smashing it. This will result in lowering your cooldowns to somewhere near the global cooldown. That means there is no longer any reason to bring 2 copies of a skill.
Also AtB will now take care of your weapon power, that means you can switch EPtW to EPtA. That will help your sci heals a bit. A further note: the true expert on AtB builds is drunk (I am referring to his nick and not his current state). So he might provide you with better builds if you want to try this route.

Just go all energy weapons of the same typ (like all phaser for example) and stack consoles. It is the simplest and most reliable way to deal dmg.
You might want to have one to increase you max shield. Other than that shield emitters are fine, or slot some special consoles. If you decide to use warp plasma you can also go for particle generators. There are also embassy versions of most sci consoles, if you have access to them.
Resist consoles (mainly neutronium), are always nice. RCS work well if you need more turnrate, although I am not sure if they help that much on a Gal-X since your base turnrate is very slow. But you might try 1-2. SIF generators are fine if you carry some hull heals. If you decide to use BO you could also try an EPS to regain weapon power faster. Other than that you can also slot special consoles there.

One possible loadout:
Eng: 2xRCS, 2xNeutronium
Sci: Field gen, Borg
Tac: 3x energy
Mind you I haven't tested the RCS on a Gal-X since I do not own one. Also if you want more special consoles just drop something. Although keep the 3x energy, field gen and probably one neutronium.

Other equipment:
I suppose the MACO set is fine, but you could also go for borg deflector, borg engine and MACO shield. The hull heal proc is just amazing.