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12-04-2012, 04:27 AM
I think the whole, "We hates the Abrams! We hates it fo-evah!" has been overdone. I remember watching first run episodes of TOS on television as a small boy. ST:XI is true to the spirit of TOS. The other thing which has been overdone is the "Gene was a true visionary who has been defiled and disgraced by this." If Gene Roddenberry were one of the races in Star Trek, he'd most likely be Ferengi. He did all this for the money. He chose what he did as a subject matter because it was different from everything else but not enough to frighten off advertisers.

Gene wrote lyrics to the first TOS theme. Why? Because then he would get a royalty check every time it was played . The idea didn't work.

To save some time and avoid a tl;dr.

I liked ST:XI. I also like a lot of other things some people do not. Like spinach. I do not hear anyone railing ad infinitum, ad nauseum about how "I'm ruining salads everywhere because I put spinach leaves in mine!"

If you do not like what JJAbrams has done, then do not watch it or support it in any fashion. But stop explaining to the rest of us over and over again why yours is the one true vision and you are Gene's only Prophet. We heard you the first time. All you're doing now is driving people away by letting them know you are slightly barmy about some things. Further you're making the rest of us look like the fans of "Twilight". Distasteful to say the least. So please stop.

Hipsters will always be hipsters. Part of being a hipster is letting others know you are a hipster. They cannot help themselves. It is their nature.
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