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12-04-2012, 04:29 AM
It's not the London skyline, but it does feature the London Eye to the left, and the Mayor's Office to the right. Near the middle on the left, is one of the concept buildings for the Freedom Tower in New York. My eye picked up the Starfleet arrowhead within seconds, and while it's a (mildly) clever visual trick, the overall poster is nothing which anyone with a knowledge of photoshop couldn't put together in less than a day. As for the Blade-Wannabe, it doesn't make me wonder who it is, it just makes me feel insulted that whoever put it together, thought I would be interested by such blatantly generic, uninspired and referential work... As with Star Trek, I'll be waiting till a pirate DVD passes my way, I will not spend a penny of my money to see something which I suspect will be a huge disappointment.