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12-04-2012, 04:35 AM
There was also The Xindi sphere in Enterprise, which IIRC scragged a new canyon through urban/suburban Florida.

But I agree. As nakedly derivative as the design is, it does communicate at least SOMETHING about the story other than just "It's Star Trek", and maybe "It's got that guy in it, you know, that guy from those other things".

It's not just a poster problem. So many of these movies, when the first come out the studios start releasing promo pics that are all just pics of the actors just standing around in costume, and hey, if you're really lucky a few of 'em will look like they're actually talking or something exciting like that! Protip: if it's a genre movie, show us glimpses of the genre eye candy bits. That's what'll actually get us teased up and salivating,like promos are, y'know, supposed to. Pics of the just actors are the same as no pics at all.