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i still do not understand using these aux cannons. using batteries, red matter capacitor, and that shields/aux +30 console thingie.... can't you just rotate those around? spec into weapons power a bit (even though its expensive) to me, this seems like the way to go....idunno, my sci builds are a little lack-luster lately.

Well the aux cannons do have some advantages:
1. They are free MK XII Phaser DHC'c with [acc]x2. Thats not so bad.
2. You just run full aux, no reason to switch power lvls unless you really need shield/engines at the moment). Also means you can still shoot with weapon power disabled. That means you have 1 dummy subsystem you don't care about. Now the cannons do go down if you loose your aux. But one battery now restores your offense and defense.
3. Not everyone has a red matter capacitor.
4. Not having to use aux bats to buff your heals allows you to use other bats.
5. It's just pretty convenient to have your sci powers/heals always at full strength
6. Depending on your rear weapons you don't have any disadvantages.

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nor do i understand NOT using the innate sub system targeting on sci ships....i did real that up there didnt I? i mean, hell, 1 rear array gets that done just fine. why not run it....?
I agree with the beam in the rear completely. It also won't matter if you have power in it, so it works well with the aux cannons. That leaves you with 2 slots. You can go normal cannons and combine them with turrets, for more dmg. Or you just use mines with the aux ones, I would say it's a matter of preference and the general purpose of your ship.

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i just see this thing as a big slightly underpowered escort. well, the tac version anyway...and why you would run any of the other versions is way beyond me. this game is so damn defensive as it is.

ah well, maybe i'll get back in mine for a bit.... do some testing again.

have fun kill bad guys
I prefer to fly it more as a support vessel. Do some healing/CC and assist with CRF when needed. There are already so many escorts flying around, I love to do some support/healing.