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12-04-2012, 05:46 AM
I posted this in another thread as well. I use the idential setup for a Tac and an Engie captain... works great for both. The only consumable I use is shield batteries (for my tac). I do alot of elite STFs and this ship is fantastic for them.

Forward: 3x Quantum Torpedoes (can be plasma if you get down like that)
Rear: 2x Disruptor Turrets (or Romulan plasma/disruptor from reputation tiers) / KCB
Hangars: Widow Fighters

Omega Engines (change to KHG when you get OMEGA Tier 5)
Omega Deflector (change to KHG when you get OMEGA Tier 5)
MACO Shields

ENG Consoles: 4xNeutronium Alloy
SCI Consoles: Field Generator / Romulan Console / Borg Console / Rule 62
TAC Consoles: 2x Zero-Point Quantum Chamber (or the plasma ones if you choose to use plasma torps)

DOFFS: 3x PWO, 2x Conn (the ones that speed TT cooldown and enhance attack patterns)

TAC: Torp Spread I /AP: Beta I/Torp Spread III/AP: Beta III
TAC: Tac Team I
SCI: Hazard Emitters I/ Tractor Beam Repulsors I/ Gravity Well I
SCI: Transfer Shield Strength I