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Originally Posted by dantrainor View Post
Jesus... Wanna try putting some actual consoles in there maybe?


But seriously sort out those consoles. You're both hurting your build, and ****ing off everybody you play against.
They are "actual" consoles, and with all of them, my ship is great fun to fly. I might be losing out on a little survivability and damage with them, but all the little tricks they offer me makes up for that I think.

As for ****ing off the people I am flying against, why not? The more attention they are forced to spend on keeping track of me and what I am doing means that less attention is on my teammates. Besides, annoyed people make mistakes.

Hilbert's Guide page is an interesting read, and I think between his page and your BOff skills you have listed, I can see a couple of small changes I'm going to make to my build.

While the criticisms about my build are appreciated, what I really want here is perspective. I'm getting that I have an unusual build, but rather than just say something like 'Get some new consoles' (and I assume you mean stack damage consoles, resists, and shield strength), tell me, how does your ship perform in PvP? In an average 15-kill match, how much damage do you do? (Yes, I know damage isn't everything, but DPS is my primary purpose as an Escort, so I think it applies over healing here).

Also, why does no-one use RSP in their builds? I find that combined with TT, it can fully recharge my shields in a matter of seconds. That should be more effective than EPtS, surely?

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